Joanie's Deli is a restaurant in Woodland Park and they are equipped with the freshest ingredients in the area. They provide fresh-made sandwiches daily to satisfy our guests and handcraft each hot sandwich, we use only the best cold cuts and cheeses from Boar's Head. Try our most popular sandwiches, the Chicken Bacon Gouda Melt, Philly Cheese Steak, Rueben Sandwiches, or our Turkey Melt, which are all made with meat and cheese combinations so savory and mouth-watering you'll come back for more.

Joanie's Deli also offers a gluten-free bread choice for people who have gluten or nut allergies. You shouldn't have to skip out on a delicious sandwich because you have a particular allergy; choose your lunch and we will happily provide you with a gluten-free option!

Most sandwiches come as half or full orders with the choice of a side.
Our sandwiches at this Woodland Park deli are made quality meats and cheeses from Boar's Head. We combine them fresh bread to create a delicious sandwich you will have dreams about.

Gluten free bread, gluten free wraps, and vegan cheese available for substitution upon request!