Baked Goods, Chocolate Brownies, & More

At Joanie's Deli, we are a small bakery just starting out, but we can promise you a delicious chocolate brownie, pastry, or baked good to enjoy with your coffee. You shouldn't just be drinking that coffee alone. Joanie's Deli provides rich sweetnesses that add a smile to your day.

If you can't seem to choose from our bakery section at Joanie's deli.

Handmade Baked Goods

Assortment of Joanie's Delicious, Fresh, and Homemade Goodies

Bread Pudding




Cinnamon Roll


French Macaroon


Homemade Biscuit


Petits Four






Fresh Baked Cookies


Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, Snickerdoodles, Cowboy Cookies

Gluten Free PB Cookie - $3.15

Ghirardelli Brownie

$3.00 | W/ Nuts $3.75

Full Pies


Apple, Coconut Cream, Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Rhubarb, Berry, Cherry.