Outside the Bread Box Gluten-free Bread at Joanie's Deli

Outside the Bread Box Gluten-free Bread at Joanie's Deli

There are very few gluten-free restaurants in the Pikes Peak region, so Joanie's Deli is proud to serve gluten-free options to our guests. Because Joanie's Deli doesn't have its own full-style bakery and can't bake our own bread in the deli, we have chosen to purchase our gluten-free bread from the local bakery Outside the Breadbox.

Joanie's Deli understands that some of our customers have a gluten intolerance or a gluten allergy. Because we love our guests, we have gone above and beyond to give you good-quality products that accommodate your needs. That's why we buy our gluten-free bread from Outside the Breadbox.

Since we have chosen to provide you with gluten-free meats from Boar's Head, why not offer gluten-free bread?

Outside the Breadbox was established in 2003 and has continued to provide 100% gluten-free and nut-free bread to the Colorado Springs community. The head bakers began baking their gluten-free bread back in 1984 and have considerable expertise and skill in hand-crafting delicious baked products.

Their company is a family owned and operated local business who believes in providing fresh-baked goods and bread over frozen products. The bread is fresh from the oven within 24 hours when delivered and shipped to their local buyers.

Although they are located in Old Colorado City, Outside the Breadbox products can be purchased at local grocery stores throughout Colorado. To try one of our handmade sandwiches using Outside the Breadbox products, visit Joanie's Deli today!