Joanie's Deli Proudly Serving Barista Espresso Coffee

Joanie’s Deli Proudly Serving Barista Espresso Coffee

Barista Espresso is a local wholesale coffee bean roaster and company located in Colorado Springs. They provide Joanie’s Deli with their fresh-roasted coffee beans daily so we can bring you the best tasting coffee in Woodland Park. Barista Espresso has been providing fresh roasted coffee beans to the community and serving Colorado for almost 20 years.

They operate their business using their three-part mission statement which includes, buying the highest quality of coffee regardless of market prices or trends; providing customers with unparalleled service including 24/7 emergency equipment service, and deliveries; and creating product freshness roasted to order for each and every one of their customers.

Barista Espresso has created over 40 different kinds of coffee blends for their customers, which happily adapts to everyone’s individual tastes and desires. They combine a variety of beans and roast them at different temperatures to bring out each unique flavor profile. It is their job to create the perfect and ultimate cup of coffee for each one of their guests.

Barista Espresso’s coffee is a perfect match to our daily made sweet baked goods at Joanie’s Deli and our guests prefer a steaming hot cup with their delicious homemade breakfast.

Stop into Joanie’s Deli for breakfast and see why Barista’s Espresso coffee is the best coffee for Joanie’s Deli. For more information about Barista Espresso, visit their website.

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